Ryerson Station
Swimming Pool Complex

Project Details

48,000 sq feet Swimming Pool Complex Features Includes:
Deck & Sunbathing Area, Water Slide, 12,400 Sq Ft. Play Area which is split between 3 sections based on the age of the children & includes 20 water features, Low flow toilets, On demand hot water, State of the art water filtration, Pool Parking lot is covered with over 20 solar panels, allowing visitors to park in the shade. This is also supplying solar electric to power nearly all of Ryerson Station operations

Contract included: Demolition of the existing pool complex & constructing the new swimming pool complex. Water playground, filtration/control equipment, shower house/filter room, solar array/support structure, & site work.

Nello Construction Self Performed the following 
items: Cast in place concrete, Concrete Reinforcing, Wood Timber Framing, Wood Framing, Cement Board siding Installation, Hollow metal doors, frames, hardware, Insulating and Furring, Drywall hanging and finishing, and Vinyl Plastic ceilings and paneling


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania




Richill Township, Green County


General Contract


Wallover Architects and GHD

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